Time meant nothin, never would again!

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Columbia x Everyone fanfiction.

You’re not like the others, futuristic lover by violentdarlings on archiveofourown.org

I’m going to warn you before you read this one, it’s very sad - but has some very good descriptions of Frank.

Frank N Furter x Riff Raff fanfiction.

Flow Morphia Slow by Alexandria-The-Great91 on fanfiction.net

What’s your favorite song from RHPS?

Rocky Horror Picture Show kink meme?

So for those of you who don’t know what a kink-meme is, basically it’s a place on livejournal. Dedicated to a specific show or movie. Where you can post prompts (ideas for stories you would like to see) for your favorite pairings, and people will fill (write them) for you. You can fill other people’s prompts. You don’t have to have a livejournal account to participate and you can be completely anonymous. The stories can be smut, or general. It’s kind of like fan fiction, but smuttier, and the stories are all one shot (but can be put into as many parts as you like, ie- part 1/15).

I was thinking of starting a RHPS kink meme. Would anyone participate?

The story of Transexual, Transylvania.

You can read it - here.

It’s so cute and Riff you’re such a dick and Frank you’re such a careless bamf and asdfghjkl you just have to read it for yourself. What are you waiting for!?