Time meant nothin, never would again!

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Halloween party of two.

And by two.. I mean Frank and I.

Halloween feels like it’s 2 weeks long here, because each little town has it’s own trick or treat night and there’s parties galore. Every day I wake up and I’m like, “It’s Halloween again!”. I love it.

Is anyone else watching RHPS tonight?

That does it

It’s October. I haven’t watched the Rocky Horror Picture Show in ages. I am drunk. I miss Frank. I am watching RHPS right now. 

Send me messages! I miss you guys. 

Hi again. <3

I was planning on posting a Frank one shot last night… But I accidentally closed it without saving and lost it. (Where’s Frank when I really need a whipping?)

Anyway, I’ve gotten it mostly put back together. There are parts I haven’t remembered yet although I know they’re supposed to be there. 

I’ll get it to you guys as soon as it feels right / reads right. 

So sorry. xo

Hey everyone.

So, when I made this blog I had much better intentions for it. I was 16 and had plenty of time and dedication to spend on it. Around the same time, things got a little hectic in my life and I sort of forgot about it. That was three years ago. I’ve logged in from time to time, tried to as often as I remembered and was possible, but not much more than that. I’m not making any promises, but I think there are still people out there who.. possibly even think about Frank N Furter every day. I don’t know. I’m so out of the loop on everything. 

But if there’s anyone out there.. I’ll be posting a gift to you tonight. ;) 

They should start, “Dear Vagina…”
Dear Vagina,

Would you guys like it if I started posting little stories about Frank?

The stories would be oneshots that vary from smut to angst. The smut stories will have either male or female character opposite Frank and the characters other than Frank will not be described, so that you can imagine yourself in their place. So, basically, you would get a few stories here and there about Frankie and you can use the stories to get in touch with the fantasy world we all have in our mind.

I would take requests and also accept submissions.

What do you think?

Whose Line is it Anyway: Song styles: Rocky Horror Picture Show.

His Frank voice is actually kinda hot wow.

Frank N Furter and Columbia nails by KayleighOC.

Rocky Horror Random Sentence Game

Add these sentence tidbits together based on your answers to create a random Rocky Horror sentence.

1. Birth Month

January - I kissed Frank N Furter

February - Frank N Furter kissed me

March - Frank N Furter seduced me

April - I danced with Frank N Furter

May - Frank N Furter taught me the Time Warp

June - I drank with Frank N Furter

July - I got lost in Frank N Furter’s castle

August - Frank N Furter chased me around his castle

September - I slept in Frank N Furter’s bedchamber

October - I groped Frank N Furter

November - Frank N Furter groped me

December - I tried on Frank N Furter’s corsets

2. Color of your shirt

Red - Because I radiate sensuality

Orange - Because I’m adventurous

Yellow - Because a mental mind fuck can be nice

Green - Because I’m mysterious

Blue - Because we were drunk

Purple - Because he thought I was so soft, so sensual

Pink - Because I’m flirtatious

White - Because I’m classy like that

Black - Because I’m risqué

Topless - Because I radiate confidence

Reblog with your sentence! x

Sometimes, I cry because I can’t sleep with Frank.

*silently weeps*

There’s a RHPS play at this abandoned, haunted Asylum where I live.

It’s in September.

And I will be there.

If you live near the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum in Weston, WV and you’re going, I will totally see you there. If you live near and didn’t know about it, well now you do, and you should totally go.

Just look for the girl with the purple hair if you wanna say hi.